Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Tawdry Terrier is having a sale! On Thursday, September 12th, when you buy 2 polishes or more, you will receive "Whitley's Pool Ball" for free! You're getting 3 polishes for the price of two! "Whitley's Pool Ball" is inspired by Tawdry Terrier Whitley who loves to play a game we call "Pool Ball" which consists of her getting in a floating pool chair and bouncing a play ball off her nose back at us... she loves this game so much, you have to make her quit...... Here's the link to the shop....http://www.etsy.com/shop/TawdryTerrier

"Whitley's Pool Ball" is a swimming pool blue glass fleck based glitter with iridescent glitter to mimic the bubbles that result from all that splashing!!

"Whitley's Pool Ball" in the shade

"Whitley's Pool Ball" in the sun

Macro shot of "Whitley's Pool Ball"

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tawdry Terrier Autumn in the Barkshires Collection For Sale!

The Autumn in the Barkshires collection is now available at http://etsy.com/shop/tawdryterrier!

Tawdry Terrier "Howling at the Moon" - a midnight blue glass fleck polish with blue, silver, and holographic shimmer inspired by a cool autumn night's starry sky.

Tawdry Terrier "Playing in the Leaf Pile" - an orange glass fleck polish with purple, red, orange, brown, gold, and green glitter inspired by the fun of jumping in a multi-colored pile of autumn leaves.

Tawdry Terrier "Pawsome Pines" - a pine green glass fleck polish with heavy blue and green shimmer inspired by a moonlit stroll through the pine trees.

Tawdry Terrier "Hahvahd Hound" - a crimson metallic glass fleck polish with a mix of red, orange, and golden yellow glitter inspired by the color of autumn leaves in the Harvard Yard.

Tawdry Terrier "Sassy Squirrel" - a molten copper glass fleck polish with gold, copper, and red shimmer inspired by the sassy squirrels that love to taunt our tawdry terriers from the trees.

Tawdry Terrier "Poke-a-Nose Purple" - a plum glass fleck polish with purple, red violet, red, and orange glitter inspired by the beautiful fall colors you find in the Poconos.

Tawdry Terrier "Harvest Moon Possum Hunt" - a chocolate brown glass fleck polish with gold, red, and holographic shimmer inspired by the color of the woods, as seen under a warm harvest moon.  Harvest Moon Possum Hunt is an exclusive polish, which will only be available as a free bonus polish to customers who purchase the entire Autumn in the Barkshires collection.

The Autumn in the Barkshires collection is now available for purchase at http://etsy.com/shop/tawdryterrier.  All polishes are limited edition, so go get your favorites now!

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Happy polishing!